Everything in a Kitchen Sink

Posted by JMom | Saturday, September 19, 2009 | , , | 0 comments »

When asked what is the most important feature in a kitchen, them most popular answer will most likely be the stove. Few will mention the kitchen sink. It is the step child of the kitchen, often taken for granted and ignored. But think about how often you use it and how important it is that you have just the right type of sink to accommodate your needs.

Me, I have always been partial to double sinks. I like the divided sink rather than the one wide tub. I also prefer porcelain to stainless steel; but I never thought to even consider a Granite Kitchen Sink. Who knew! It just seemed like such an extravagant idea to even consider.

That is, until I ran across the MR Direct website which sells kitchen sinks at affordable wholesale prices. They recently added granite sinks to their product line and they are serious about their claim of having 'affordable wholesale prices'. I could not believe you could buy a granite sink for under $300 dollars!

According to their website, the granite sinks are made using natural and environmentally friendly materials. They are manufactured so that they repel most bacteria on their surfaces, and as most granite fans know, granite is stain proof and scratch resistant. MR direct also offers a lifetime warranty and they can ship on the same day.

I think a feel a kitchen re-do coming on. Don't you?