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So I have time to blog this morning because I am waiting for my pancake breakfast to be cooked. The girls are taking over the kitchen (scary!) and are making breakfast. That's the great thing about having older kids, they are now able to take care of themselves and even take care of dear ol' mom sometimes.

When they were younger and less able to do for themselves, my husband and I did everything. It's nice to see them slowly learn to be more independent. We their parents can't take all the credit though. You know that saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? It is true in our case and with all parents. The bigger your community, your support network, the easier it is to parent you children and parent them well.

With the internet, this community of support just got wider. Websites such as Parents Connect allows parents to draw strength and advice from each other. Whether you're worried about your child eating their vegetables or having their homework done or whether they are balancing their social life and school like or not, there are always parents who can answer your questions online. It's like having the whole village at your fingertips, literally.

Sure, you can always find some expert opinion or other online but I use sources such as Parents Connect more often than not because you can connect with other parents who are going through or have gone through the same things. You can ask your question, express your worries and you get an answer with advice or comfort almost immediately. It's like having your best friend right next door and available all the time.