Salmonella in Pistachios

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Pistachios are one of our most favored nuts in the house so it was a little worrisome to hear that they too now have been tainted with the salmonella bacteria. How can that be possible?

Well, last I heard, it hasn't been verified if the pistachios were really the culprit of the recent salmonella contamination of some food products. The FDA and other agencies are still conducting testing. Apparently, Kraft foods first reported the contamination when they discovered that it's Back to Nature Trail Mix was contaminated with Salmonella and the source was thought to be the pistachios from Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc, the nation’s second-largest pistachio processor.

Worried you may have consumed—or bought—tainted snacks? Setton has established a toll free number (888 228-3717) that consumers can call for further information. You can also check out the FDA's Web site, which is keeping tabs on all products recalled.

Sources: New Salmonella Outbreaks: Pistachios
Salmonella alert: Don't eat pistachios

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