Counting Your Blessings

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Luckily, we've only been burglarized once. However, once was plenty. The burglar invaded our home and pointed a gun at my husband. Luckily, I was in the other bedroom and locked the door when I heard the commotion. I then quietly slipped out the window to call the police from our neighbor's house. They got there fast enough, and my husband wasn't hurt physically, but the culprit got away. He was later apprehended and we had to go to court as witness to his crime.

Everything turned out OK but my husband and I have never been the same since. We were robbed of our sense of security. The money we lost, the knocks my husband had to endure, those were marks that were soon forgotten. But the peace of mind, that's gone forever, replaced by a sense of vulnerability that will stay with us the rest of our lives.

The thing is, if we had have an alarm system , we could have avoided all that. But we lived in a gated community and didn't feel like an added layer of protection was necessary. Now we wish we could have had some warning that this person had invaded our perimeter. But, that's all in hindsight, right?

We've learned our lesson though and are now more vigilant about the security of our home especially as we now have three daughters.

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