Expecting? Need a Health Guru?

Posted by JMom | Friday, April 03, 2009 | | 0 comments »

A friend of mine just found out she's pregnant. She is my age, 45, and done with kids or so she thought. As you may have guessed this pregnancy is unplanned but definitely not unwelcome. Even though I am glad to be out of the pregnancy and small children phase, a small part of me can't help but feel a tang of envy at having a small baby to hold and to cuddle with once again. But, I have to be content to lend her support and hopefully she'll let me babysit when the baby comes :)

The strange thing about being pregnant again after so many years since your last child is, that it seems like everything is new again. You'd think she would be an old pro at it by now, but she tells me it's just like starting over again. She's having to learn everything over with this pregnancy and even learning some new stuff that she didn't know before.

Thank goodness for the internet though, it's now easier for moms to get the information they need sooner. For instance, the Pregnancy Health Guru is a comprehensive website that provides answers to just about any kind of question you may have about being pregnant.

For instance, morning sickness. Oh how quickly we forget! My friend is in the throes of morning sickness now and every morning, she asks me, was it really this bad? Why don't I remember being this sick? We've both been looking online for ways she can get relief from the morning sickness and on the Pregnancy Health Guru, we found that ginger can alleviate nausea! Who would have thought? When we were first pregnant years ago all we heard was to eat some crackers!

Most of your pregnancy related questions are addressed on the Pregnancy Health Guru by a group of experts ranging from physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists and other professionals. Some issues that we didn't even consider when we were pregnant such as whether or not to collect and save cord blood are addressed on the website. Even issues unique to older moms like us like how to discuss and deal with being pregnant while also dealing with a pre-teen are covered.

If you're already pregnant or still planning on getting pregnant, check out the Pregnancy Health Guru.