Custom Gifts

Posted by JMom | Thursday, March 05, 2009 | | 0 comments »

I'm not all that big on gifts. Jewelry does not impress me. But make me something to eat or wear and I'd be grateful for life. The perfect gift to me would be something that someone actually put some thought into not just money.

That's why I thought these embroidered custom sweatshirts at would make perfect gifts. I have three daughters and I know they would love having any of the items on the website with a custom designed embroidery. Whether you already have a logo or design ready or would like to design one from scratch, it's easy to do on their intuitive design foundry. I designed the logo you see here in just a few minutes. Not bad, eh?

It actually got me thinking that I can use the site to promote my husband's business. He's an artist so I'm sure he can easily create his own logo. We can have it embroidered on either hats or t-shirts and give it to his customers so they can become walking billboards for his business. Now I'm thinking this would be perfect to promote my websites too. Especially embroidered on some of those bags and totes they have on their inventory.