Smart Girls and CozmoTV

Posted by JMom | Thursday, January 29, 2009 | , | 0 comments »

My girls learned to love Saturday Night Live during the presidential campaigns last year. You have to admit, the SNL shows during that time were outstanding, thanks to the great source of material. So we were a bit disappointed to learn that one of the show's main stars, Amy Poehler, was leaving. Now I know where she went to.

Amy Poehler is the host of Smart Girls at the Party which features young, talented girls who aren't afraid to be themselves. Smart Girls at the Party is a featured channel on CozmoTV which aims to deliver better television content.

CozmoTV is the next phase of online video viewing. While YouTube got into all kinds of copyright hotwater, CozmoTV allows the owners of copyrights to track viewership and enables them to still make money from their property. At the same time, when you show their widget on your website and your viewers watch their content, you get a chance to earn money by becoming an affiliate! It's a win win situation, don't you think? More and more channels are being added to the site everyday, so no matter what your target audience is, you will soon be able to provide them with quality TV content. The widget can be shared on social media sites like mySpace and Facebook too not just blogs. If you're interested, you can get your own widget here.