Sturrin' Things Up

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, December 09, 2008 | , , | 0 comments »

I just love Paula Dean and this clip of her and her friend Kim making brunch is just hilarious but also informational. The informational part, is how she cooks cheese grits. If you've ever wondered how to make cheese grits that aren't gummy, you gotta watch this video. Paula says that the secret to making the perfect cheese grits is "to keep them sturred" lol! Y'all, I really, I love her Southern accent. This is not a dis :P

The video is actually on how to make Krispy Kreme burgers so I didn't really see how the grits eventually turned out. It looked really creamy though like everything Paula Dean makes, it was a little scary watching how much butter, eggs and cheese were going into that concoction! As for the burgers, well you just gotta watch the video and see. Would you eat one?

Thanks to this Squidoo lens about Krispy Kreme, I ran across this video.

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