Soups Wont Always Do It

Posted by JMom | Friday, December 19, 2008 | | 0 comments »

When it starts to get cold, soups are usually a great way to warm up but not all the time. After you've had your fill of some warm and filling winter soups, you still have to warm your outsides and it would be great if you can look good doing it too.

What better way to warm up in luxurious style than with a cashmere overcoat! Sanyo Fashion House offers men's cashmere coats that are made to be worn in either casual or formal settings. Some men will wear cashmere about as often as they would eat quiche but my husband is not some men. He would totally love having a luxurious coat like this one to wrap up in and he would look great in it too!

Sanyo's Cashmere and Wool overcoats are designed for men with taste, I think. They are not only stylish, they are also functional. These cashmere coats come with a removable Breath Thermo vest which is also waterproof. The vest can be removed on mild days but on days when an extra layer of warmth is needed, this thermal layer will be most welcome indeed.

Still looking for a unique present for the man in your life? Think about keeping him warm in style.