The Gift of Life

Posted by JMom | Friday, December 26, 2008 | | 0 comments »

There is a little heart on my driver's license that lets people know, in case of emergency, that I am an organ donor. I'd like to think that if, god forbid, I or anyone in my family would ever need an organ replaced that there will be someone out there that would save our life.

In a way, that too is the mission of C'Elle. You've heard of the many benefits that have come from stem cell research, I'm sure. But did you also know that the same benefits can be garnered from harvesting menstrual cells? Menstrual blood has been such a taboo that it is only recently that it was realized how similar the cells sloughed from a woman's endometrium are similar to the bone marrow and embryonic stem cells: they have the ability to multiply rapidly and can integrate into other types of cells like bone, fat, cardiac and others.

Using the same technology used to preserve blood, sperm and eggs, you can now preserve menstrual cells for future use. C'Elle offers kits that will enable you to collect a sampling and bank it for later.

What better way to ensure some peace of mind, knowing that you've thought ahead and have this resource available should your family ever need it. We hope they won't ever need it but like they say, you just never know...

How about you? Would you take this chance to leave your family a gift they may never need but if they do, would never forget?