Siopao to Go

Posted by JMom | Monday, October 06, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Siopao as it is called in Filipino, or char siu bao in Chinese or just plain ol' Steamed Buns in American, lol! This is our snack during our last trip to Grand Asia Market, where on Saturdays they have delicacies such as these steamed buns filled with either pork, chicken or vegetables. This one is the special pork and egg bun. It's ground pork with mushrooms with a surprise quail egg in the middle. The girls got such a kick out of this. They were fresh out of the steamer so we were eating them in the car as we drove home with our loot. A hundred times better than a big mac!

You can tell this was mine. It has lipstick smears :)

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