Banana Leaves

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Banana LeavesMy grandmother's house in the Philippines was surrounded by banana trees. Aside from the fruits, my grandmother used various parts of the banana plant for different things.

Did you know that banana blossoms are edible? Check out this recipe for banana blossom. It has step by step photos of how to prepare the blossoms for cooking.

The leaves, has numerous uses. I call it the tinfoil of the rain forest. It can be used to wrap anything either for cooking, storage or transport. One of the most common uses is for wrapping food to be cooked. One of most common treats is suman, a rice cake wrapped and cooked in banana leaves. My grandmother made the best.

Even the trunk of the banana plant has its use. I remember the curved layers of the trunk used for food trenches. Pretty much like paper plates. Also, did you know that the trunk of a banana tree is not really a trunk in the usual sense in that it is made up of thick layers of leaves? Interesting huh?

Read all about bananas here.

There are a number of recipes online that use banana leaves. If you ever have need of some check your local hispanic or asian markets.

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