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Grandfather ClockI haven't seen too many grandfather clocks in new homes but there was a time when having one was a status symbol. It meant you were doing well enough to be able to afford one. My grandparents had one. They had a small one. When we visited some of their more affluent friends, a huge, booming grandfather clock was usually a centerpiece in their parlor. Then they went out of fashion and everyone started hanging those gilded decorative wall clocks instead.

Now, just like the mini skirts and bell bottoms, grandfather clocks are making a comeback. You don't have to spend for an antique clock either, there are newer, more contemporary designs to choose from. Whether you are sticking to modern design or going for a more conservative redesign idea, their vast selection of grandfather clocks, mantel clocks or wall clocks will have something that will fit it just right.

Clock lovers and designers alike will find something suitable for their design job, I'm sure. For instance, these Howard Miller clocks are ideal for a more contemporary design. As soon as I get my living room back, which has been taken over as my husband's art studio for the meantime, I would love to be able to redesign it. We'll be getting new furniture since the sofa and love seat that were in there and were relocated to the den are just about falling apart. I'm thinking a grandfather clock in the corner would be a nice addition.