Label Crazy

Posted by JMom | Monday, September 08, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

I got one of these DYMO Labelmaker sometime ago, I thought, for work. You know, labeling my file folders, binders, and bins in my office. Since then, this little label maker has been all over the house! Just check out their website for some really cool ideas to use the labels on and you'll see what I mean.

The kids use it to label their school supplies and books, my husband uses it on his electronic stuff. As for me, I love using it in the kitchen. I have labeled all my storage containers in the pantry so that I won't have to open each thing when I'm looking for an item or ingredient. See, I put most of our pantry items in plastic containers because here where it's warm and humid in the summers and blustery cold in the winter, the humidity in the pantry can get very inconsistent and we've had incidence of mold and other weird growths on food not to mention the meal bugs that get on flour and such. Anyway, that's why I have them in plastic, sealed containers rather than their original packaging. I try to get clear containers most of the time so I can see what's inside them, but of course that doesn't always work out. So that's where the labels come in.

I love looking into my pantry and seeing everything labeled. I don't have to guess if that white thing is flour or sugar, or all-purpose, self-rising or cake flour. Having them labeled just makes it easier to find what you need. You know what else I have labeled? My spices! I have these cute little tupperware containers that I put spices in because it just looks so much neater when all the containers are the same size and color. It looks less messy than when you have a hodge podge of different sized and shaped containers. The spice drawer looks even more gorgeous with each container labeled with the name of the spice. I just love it!

How about you, do you like labeling stuff around the house? What's your favorite thing to label?