Get out of the hole

Posted by JMom | Friday, September 05, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Financial experts say that when your expenses are higher than your income, you either cut back on the expenses or find more income. Makes sense, right? Then why don't more of us follow that advice? I am just coming out of a hole that I dug for myself fifteen years ago with credit cards. I've sworn to not get in another hole like that again.

If you are still in the stink hole wondering how to climb out of it, then maybe you should look into NetDebt. NetDebt has an online debt settlement solution waiting for you. Especially if you don't feel like airing your dirty laundry to just anyone, they have an online only application process that will walk you step by step through the process. You'll still have to face that monster in your closet and itemize all your bills and your inadequate income, but if you do face that monster head on, you'll come away with a solution for beating it. If you do need a real person to consult with, of course that too is available either via online chat. I kind of like not having to sit across from someone's desk with my pile of bills and wonder if they're thinking what I'm thinking... "how dumb can you be?" Well, they may not even be thinking that, but it could be very embarrassing when you know you created this hole yourself. If your looking up at the hole you've dug, check out NetDebt.

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