Filipino Spaghetti

Posted by JMom | Wednesday, September 03, 2008 | , | 0 comments »


I've always wondered how anyone could not like hotdogs in their spaghetti. I love hotdogs and I love spaghetti so doesn't it make sense to combine them? I thought so, and a lot of Filipino people think so to, that's why I named this post Filipino spaghetti. Only in Filipino homes have I ever tasted this slightly sweet spaghetti sauce with hotdog slices. Surprisingly enough, my kids like it too! Of course, their dad, that's a different story. But then he's not too crazy about spaghetti in the first place. He says he's only tasted good spaghetti from on place, a place called Anna Maria but can't remember where it is now. Oh well... he'll just have to live with our versions then.

Here's the recipe if you care to try...

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