I eat carrots...

Posted by JMom | Thursday, August 07, 2008 | | 0 comments »

I don't need surgery, I don't need glasses. I eat plenty of of carrots! Hmmm... eat all the carrots you want but if your eyes are going bad, they are just going to get worst no matter how many tons of carrots you eat.

My 68 year old father just had lasik surgery. At first he was really hyped about not having to wear glasses anymore. But then, his doctor showed him a video of the procedure, how they lift up the flap of the cornea, cut out the bad lens and replace it with a better one. He came home saying maybe he doesn't need the surgery after all. Maybe if he eats lots of carrots his cataracts will go away. My sister said, after she took time to take him back and forth to his eye doctor, he'd better go! So under duress and a little anxious, he went in for his appointment. I called him the afternoon after his surgery. He was home chillin' with his dark glasses, he said. I asked him, how did it go? He was happy. He said he didn't feel a thing! A week later when I checked in on him again, he told me he drove without his glasses. He said he actually could see a difference already the day after but of course he was cautioned to not drive for a few days. He was happy about the lasik and didn't mention carrots again.

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