Is LASIK for you?

Posted by JMom | Friday, July 11, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Both my sisters have had LASIK surgery and just last month my 67 years old father had his eyes done. They are all very happy with the results most especially since they don't have to wear glasses anymore.

I first heard of LASIK over 12 years ago while we were still living in California. The friend who had the surgery didn't have very good results but now that I know more people who have gone through the procedure and have had good results I realize that the procedure is not right for everyone. Check out for more myth busting information like this.

LASIK technology has come a long way. It is now safer and a greater percentage of patients are enjoying an almost 100% success rate. The technology used for the procedure has also been greatly improved. According to Dr. Solomon of the Storm Eye Institute, "Today’s modern LASIK combines 3D mapping and customized treatment for the 1st all-laser technology. The US Military & NASA have approved this combination on personnel including pilots and astronauts. It’s the pinnacle of LASIK technology."

If you are considering having LASIK surgery, talk to people who have had the procedure before and have them refer you to their physicians if they are happy with them. Beware of places that claim to be able to perform the procedure at hugely discounted rates. The people I've talked to who weren't happy with their results were the ones who went to the LASIK-R-US types of establishments. I know how we all want a good bargain, but when it comes to your eyes, I think it's a very smart idea to do some research first.

According to the LASIK information website, the procedure doesn't really hurt and most of the people I've talked to affirmed this. However, if you don't do your research, you could be hurting for the rest of your life. So as far as LASIK I say go for it, but go armed with well researched information.

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