Daring Baker Braid

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, July 08, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

Danish BraidIf you ever want to impress your friends of your baking prowess, you've just got to learn how to do a braid. I finally did, thanks to the Daring Bakers and my ten year old daughter. :) This is June's Daring Baker challenge, an honest to goodness make from scratch Danish Braid.

The dough, once you master the yeasted and laminated part, is a breeze to do and is sure to impress. It looks difficult on paper, but once you get started with the rolling and turning, you'll find a rhythm and you'll be baking and braiding like a pro before you know it.

Here's the detailed recipe with some photographs of the the various steps.

Read the rest of the recipe for Danish Braid...

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