Pork Bellies and Money

Posted by JMom | Monday, May 26, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

When I first started hearing about Forex, I thought it had to do with a door-to-door shipping company catering to expatriates who wanted to ship items back to their home countries. LOL! I never said I was financially savvy. Heck, the only thing I knew about Wall Street was what I saw on the movie Trading Places. I thought all that was traded was corn and pork bellies.

Who knew money can also be traded! I found out that forex trading is the business of trading money. Forex = Foreign Exchange. Some investors speculate on pork bellies and some investors put their bets on world currencies. For instance, some savvy investor probably foresaw the rise in the value of the Euro and the British pound a few years ago and bought up a lot of those currencies. They hold them until the exchange rate changes in their favor, and they make a profit! Sounds easy, doesn't it? That guy is probably rolling in pork bellies now.

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