So Very Nice Chicken Soup with Rice

Posted by JMom | Monday, January 03, 2011 | , | 5 comments »

The weather has turned cold in the Carolinas alright! We even got snow on Christmas day! Amazing. That was the first snow on Christmas we've had since moving here 16 years ago. Actually, the whole area hadn't seen snow since 1947!

So what's good when there's snow and it's cold outside? Why soup of course! And what better soup to stave off the cold than something that sticks to the bones like this chicken soup with rice!

Click here for the recipe for Arroz Caldo or Chicken Soup with Rice

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  1. Lisa@ButteryBooks // 1/04/2011 2:49 PM  

    This is my idea of comfort food! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Dennis // 1/13/2011 9:26 PM  

    Nothing like chicken soup on a cold day.

  3. dining table // 2/01/2011 7:41 AM  

    I love this one. It makes me feel that I am home! My mom used to make something like this.

  4. Christopher Hinn // 2/13/2011 5:35 AM  

    I love eating arroz caldo anytime of the day!

  5. krys // 4/05/2011 8:20 AM  

    I love soup! ;)