Flavor from the Ocean

Posted by JMom | Saturday, December 19, 2009 | , | 0 comments »

"Salt is salt" most people would say, and for most people this is probably true. However, for foodies with discriminating palates, they will tell you that there is salt and there is salt. All you have to do is look in gourmet magazines and foodie blogs and you will find out the vast array of salt varieties now available.

So what's the difference? Some will tell you that the taste is purer in sea salts compared to regular table salt. Really, that is the main reason foodies lean towards sea salts, the taste. But now some people are leaning towards a sea salt diet because of the claim that some sea salts have a lower amount of sodium than regular table salt; making it healthier for you. All you have to do is perform a quick search on the sea salt health benefits online and you will glean a ton of information, some you probably have never even heard of before. As one who has hyper-tension, I am repeatedly advised by my doctors to cut down on the salt; but aside from carbs, salt is my second largest addiction. I just can't do without it! So I reduce my salt intake, but I can never totally live without it.

So, I cut down on the amount of salt I use for cooking. But wouldn't it be great to not have to sacrifice the taste of salt if we are assured that it doesn't have as much of the health impairing component, sodium? Another quick online search will give you sea salt food recipes that will enhance and showcase the taste of food instead of overpowering them. I am surprised when I run across recipes that practically blanket food with sea salt only to learn that the salt used makes little difference in the amount of sodium in the dish. Some sea salts boast over 50% less sodium than regular table salt! That is surprising to me!