How Do You Fix Dinner?

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Do you have a family ritual for dinner? Do you eat together or do you all just take your food in front of the TV? Maybe you eat in shifts and take your bowls to your desired corner to eat?

My family has done all those and more. While I'm not strict about having a 'sit down' meal everyday, those days that we do all sit down and eat together are precious. We've made a pact (my husband and I), a long time ago to never lecture while we're eating. One om my most horrible memories growing up is being lectured during dinner and having to force myself to swallow to keep from crying. I don't want my girls to ever feel that way. Worst, I don't want them associating dinner with unpleasantness.

There is a contest going on that asked this question: Tell me what you and your family love about dinner time. Do you carve out time in your busy day to eat together? Have you created any traditions around this last meal of the day?

By leaving your comment, you get a chance to win a Flip MinoHD, and a Family Dinner Box of Questions from and From Dates to Diaper and Beyond.

Here is how I answered:

What do we love about dinner time? MAKING IT! We (my daughters and I) love to cook and working in the kitchen preparing dinner is our way of catching up with each other and sharing our day. We especially like having a cookout because that’s when dad really jumps in with gusto.

Eating the meal afterwards is our reward for a job well done. But it’s the process the we value the most.

Do you want to share your dinner? Go on and enter the giveaway! If I win the FlipMinoHD maybe I'll even video one of our weekday dinners.

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  1. TaGa_Luto // 7/09/2009 10:08 AM  

    I have a small family, it's just me, hubby and our only daughter. Sounds cliche but the kitchen is the heart of our home. We all love to cook, so it is our get together time aside from playing pictionary and scrabble. But due to job schedule we get to do this on weekends esp. sundays. Now that my daughter is ready to go on her own i'm hoping that she would continue this tradition when she will have her own family in the future.