What Nurses Say About the Swine Flu Virus

Posted by JMom | Thursday, April 30, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Unless you've been holed up in a cave, you're heard about the swine flu by now and that it has reached pandemic proportions. Infection has been found worldwide and it continues to spread. Yes, it's spreading, but not half as bad as what the media would make you think. In their usual fashion, the media has sensationalized the virus and blown it out of proportion; inciting fear and panic in some people. If people would stop long enough to look at the facts, this flu is not any worse than the flu that infects us every season.

Jumping to conclusions and being influenced by the media should not even occur now a days. There are so many sources of information now that there really is no cause for panic. Just check out the website Scrubs. It is a website run by nurses for the sole purpose of providing you, the public, the patients with sound and sensible information.

For instance, regarding the swine flu, read the article What Nurses Can Tell Patient About Swine Flu. The article talks about how the flu is transmitted, how to tell if you have it (the symptoms), what to do in the event of an outbreak and where to get reliable and credible information.

I picked the swine flu article to talk about just because it's something that everyone is talking about right now. Scrubs though, covers more than just diseases that may strike you. Scrubs also talks about general health practices and issues, beauty and fashion tips, inspiring stories and even career advice. If you've ever had a doctor or a nurse for a friend, Scrubs is just like that. It's an informative source for just about everything that may concern you delivered in a professional manner and designed to keep you well and healthy.