Organic Gardening In Our Backyard

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, March 03, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Even as we are still seeing snow on the ground and freezing temperatures in the air, we are already dreaming of how we're going to revive our backyard garden. It's slushy and muddy back there right now and there's dead leaves and dead vines on the beds. It's looking downright dismal, to tell the truth. But this weekend, the story will take a drastic turn. The weather is forcasted to be in the 70's and it's going to be sunny. We'll be back there for sure, cleaning the beds and getting them ready for the planting season.

We don't use a any store bought fertilizer or pesticides in our backyard. We try to grow everything as organically as possible as we can. We have resorted to pesticides in the past when some insect infestations got too out of hand, but whenever we can, we try to not use anything at all.

This year, we are looking into organic pest control and other organic gardening products if we have to use any chemicals at all. Safer Brand offers organic alternatives to your usual arsenal of gardening and cleaning products. For instance, when the weather gets warmer, the ants start coming into our house, laying aphids on the plants and just creating a great nuisance overall. When they get bad, we've had no qualms about getting Raid and spreading it wherever they are infiltrating. If you've ever smelled Raid, you'll know there can't be anything good in that can. You know it has to kill everything in its wake! And that's good, mind you. You want them little suckers dead. However, that same poison that kills them can also kill you and that's not good. Not good at all.

Safer Brand has a alternate product that is just as lethal to ants but safer for humans. They have ant and crawling insects killer that come in aerosol form or powder form, just like the kind you normally buy at the store. They are safe to use and they are environmentally friendly. You can even use them on your edible gardens and suffer no ill effects, just a pest free harvest. Compare the prices of the Safer Brand products and the leading products in most stores and you will find the prices to be quite similar.