Smelling Good and Looking Good

Posted by JMom | Monday, February 23, 2009 | , | 0 comments »

I'm not much of an interior decorator, that is my husband's area of expertise. I don't normally care about accessories or arrangements of objects around the house. However, the one thing that I do like having around the house is candles. I think they look nice, especially the decorative ones or the ones in pretty containers. Many of them also come scented and that's an added bonus for me because I like to cook but don't always like the lingering scent of cooking in the house.

One mother's day, the girls decided to make me a candle. It was one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts they've ever given me. Ever since then, they've gotten into candle making and have been giving them out as presents to their friends, aunts and grandmas. Making candles can be a very relaxing hobby and a great outlet for your creativity.

The Jar Store is a great resource for candle makers. You can buy wax, scents, wicks and glass jars at wholesale prices all in one place. They have a wide variety of jar sizes and styles to choose from and the scents collection is just awesome. They have scents for every season and occasion you can think of.

If you are a candle maker, check out their jar samples offer. For $20, they will send you four samples of their jars to try out. All you have to do is visit the website and set up an account. Setting up an account is a great idea because they can keep track of your previous orders so that your next order will be even easier to place especially when you are ordering the same items.