Fatigue Fighting Foods

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I always thought it was because I had kids, then it was because I worked outside the home, then it was because I was just getting old. I thought that was why I felt so TIRED all the time! Well I find out there were other issues too such as thyroids gone wild and not getting enough exercise can cause one to feel lackluster. Nutrition can also play a part in zapping one's energy but these fatigue fighting foods may help in increasing your energy levels.

6 Foods that Fight Fatigue:
A bowl of oatmeal will last longer and give you more energy than a piece of dried toast. It also tastes much better, if you ask me.

Great source of potassium which boosts energy. Slice some over your morning oatmeal and you've got a super energy combination immediately. Bananas are also great as an in between, tide-you-over-until-the-next-meal, snack.

Bell peppers
Bell peppers are supposed to be good at keeping your metabolism stay revved up and working. I like eating them raw in salads but they are also great additions to any stirfry, in omelets or salsas (especially if you're not into spicy foods).

Nuts are pack full of energy boosters that's why you see them in energy bars all the time. They are also full of protein and fiber which are all essential in keeping your energy machine burning. They're great sprinkled over salads and stirfrys or just plain for snacking.

Green tea
Now I love my coffee in the morning and probably would never give that up. But in the afternoons and after meals, green tea would fit the bill nicely to increase energy.

Sweet potatoes
I read somewhere that sweet potatoes are actually better for you than regular potatoes which don't have as much nutritional elements in them especially once you remove the peel. Try substituting a baked sweet potato instead of the regular one next time.

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