Play Safe

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Meet Astra. She's a character I created in a new online game called Action AllStars. If you have kids in the house, you'll probably know all about all the interactive and multi-player games that can be played online. My girls are avid players of several MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). They spend hours on them and if they could they would stay on day and night. I don't let them stay on too long though and I have to watch them constantly as these games have the feature that makes them both fun and dangerous. Players can interact with other online players and have the ability to chat and plan strategies of the game or just simply talk about what kids talk about. You can see how this can be dangerous when they start talking to people that they don't really know online, don't you?

Dotcom_outlinedall makes a safe virtual environment for your sports enthusiast. Designed for elementary age kids, safeguards are built into the game to protect their identity and online. They have features like Safe Chat and Safe Chat Plus which filters all messages before they are transmitted. It screens for offensive language by comparing what's being transmitted with a preset list of restricted terms. It also keeps players from sharing personal information like real names, addresses or phone numbers.

Beyond the safety factors, Action AllStars allows players to live their sport fantasies. They can play football, basketball, baseball, whatever piques their interest. The more they play, the more they gain experience. Like other interactive games, they can collect items while they complete challenges and other fun activities. If they have friends who are also sports enthusiasts, they too can sign on and they can play together in this virtual world. It's totally free to sign up but if you'd like added features, they also have a premium version where you can pay a small subscription fee and gain access to added special features.

Current Action AllStars parters include (MLBAM), (National Basketball League), and to bring you this safe and fun environment for free.