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Blog Pictures | acobox.com
One picture is worth a thousand words or so they say. There was a time when I searched for a recipe online, I was satisfied when I got one with a text of the ingredients and some instructions. Nowadays, I've gotten a bit spoiled. When I search for recipes I look for pictures. I want photos of how the dish looks and even better if step by step instructions with photos is included. A photo just enhances your blog post especially when it's relevant.

Now there is a consumer network where you can find suitable photos for your blog post and you don't have to worry about copyrights and licenses because AcoBox guarantees all the photos in their network are allowed to be published on blogs provided you abide by their Terms of Use. AcoBox is more than just a source for photos though, it is also a social networking site where users can share everything from photos to products they've tried, vacations they've taken and other interests they may have.

I just signed up for an account today and the photo included in this post is from the network. I like how easy it was to find a photo and paste the code here. I didn't have to upload it to another photo hosting site, I was allowed to hotlink directly from AcoBox. I think I'll be using this resource for my other blogs where I occasionally need a photo to enhance my post. Try them out and see how you like it.