Jade's Pad Thai

Posted by JMom | Wednesday, January 28, 2009 | , | 0 comments »

While I was away to be with my family in California, my husband was left with three teens. Luckily, Jade likes to cook so he didn't have to worry about cooking. We have been obsessed with rice noodles lately so these wide rice noodles were in the pantry just waiting to be cooked. Jade decided to make an easy pad thai and she decided to base her recipe on Chez Pim's Pad Thai recipe. Jade said she thinks she's finally cracked the secret to cooking pad thai noodles by using Chez Pim's technique of having the cooking sauce prepared and ready to go. I have never had anything against using ketchup in my pad thai sauce, but after reading Pim's recipe, Jade made me swear to never again use ketchup. LOL!

We'll post our version my Pad Thai soon. Maybe Jade will post her version too.

Oh, in case you noticed and are wondering, yeah, we have a bad habit of eating our noodles with rice.

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