To Fast or Not

Posted by JMom | Wednesday, January 28, 2009 | | 0 comments »

One of my cousins was fasting when I saw him briefly in California last week. I say I saw him 'briefly' because heck, who can hang around us for long when they're fasting? We eat all the time!

Sometimes though, I think maybe we should do a little more 'cleansing' as my cousin was doing. We like to indulge especially with food. It's no wonder we aren't all 300 pounds or more, suffering from hypertension and high cholesterol. Maybe he's got the right idea.

Supplements can also help with cleansing your system if fasting is not for you. I certainly would have a hard time fasting for 10 days as my cousin did. Green Path Supplements offers, among many others, chlorella which is supposed to remove toxins from your body naturally and reduces cancer risk. In addition to its detox properties, Chlorella also claims to increase your energy and reduce tension and anxiety. It could be worth trying especially since it is supposed to give you clearer complexion too.