Donate to Heroes at Home

Posted by JMom | Thursday, December 25, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

It is the season for giving and if you're still looking for a good cause to contribute to, consider the heroes at home program at Sears. The unsung heroes behind our troops deployed on the front lines are the families they left behind. They not only have to contend with not having their loved one and main provider gone during the holidays, they also have to deal with reduced income and sometimes money just gets really tight. Sears hasn't forgotten the families left behind, that's the main focus of the Heroes at Home program which grants wishes of military families by giving them Sears gift cards.

Donations to Heroes at Home are not tax deductible but the donation you give will make a huge difference in someone's life. Visit the heroes at home wish list section and read about some of the simple but touching wishes from these military families. Like the request from the mom who is serving overseas and misses her husband and kids and wanted to make sure they had something for the holidays when all they probably want is their mom home with them. There are many more stories like that on the wish list registry. Visit the website and see which wishes your donations will be granting.

Watch the video below on how every little bit helps when we all work together.