Tis the Season!

Posted by JMom | Thursday, November 13, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

It certainly is the season for parties again. The redecorating has started and I just got my holiday agenda via email today. It's the list of parties and events my company puts out every year. Starting with Thanksgiving, the list of events in the office and out of the office starts.

At home, it's the same thing. The family is already organizing and coordinating the different get togethers that are in the works just to make sure we don't have our open house parties all on the same date.

Some of us go by our time tested recipes for a party but if you are looking for Christmas Party Ideas, then you need to visit celebrations.com. For instance, even though I have my own formula that I've used over the years, I always try to incorporate something new especially in the food department. I can't help but to try and cook something new every year. So far, everything's come out pretty well, no great disasters yet.

At celebrations.com, get ideas on how to spruce up your parties from unique table settings, flower arrangements, party games or decorations. Me, I'm actually leaning towards having a Mexican Christmas Party. I am so into the suggested recipes:

Tamale Pie (Chili) - for a Mexican Fiesta
Tamale Pie (Topping) for a Mexican Fiesta
Easy Chicken Posole - a Mexican meal for your Fiesta
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Biscochitos - Traditional Mexican Christmas Cookies

There's also suggestions for music and decorations to complete your Feliz Navidad Fiesta. Now that grain of suggestion is planted, I am thinking this fiesta is just the change we need this holiday season!