Obama in Cupcake

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Obama Cupcake
These are sweet days indeed! One Obama fan celebrated the victory by rendering President Elect Obama's portrait in cupcake. Zilly Rosen of Zilly Cakes baked 1,200 cupcakes frosted with fondant in 19 shades which she then displayed on a 5'x6' case at the "Buffalo Obama Headquarters in honor of the volunteers and the work they did on the campaign."

When she started making the cupcakes she didn't know whether they will be for a celebration or a consolation party, but to have gone through all this trouble, I am sure she is glad it was for a celebration party. The volunteers at the Obama headquarters sure were glad to get this rare treat. Visit the Zilly Cakes website to see photos of their celebration.

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