Mis en Place

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Mis en Place
There is a term in cooking called 'Mis en Place'. What it means is to gather everything together before you start cooking. This will ensure that you don't leave any ingredient out, you don't burn anything while you go hunting for an ingredient, and it will also make the whole cooking process faster and hassle free. This is especially true when you're making stir fried dishes as we do in our house.

In the finance world, the term to get things in order is debt consolidation. Sometimes when you have a lot of debts making your monthly payments can get quite overwhelming. I hope you don't ever get to that point, but if you are there, then the best thing to do short of filing for bankruptcy which will ruin your credit for the next ten years, is to get your debts consolidated. Get them in order in other words.

When you consolidate, you can lower your monthly payments or better yet, turn it into just one monthly payment. You won't have to worry about which bill is due next, etc. Make your debt into one manageable one rather than ten debts all over the place. You will pay it off faster and you will be debt free sooner. Sort of like the same idea as Mis en Place, right?


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