Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Posted by JMom | Monday, November 10, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Stay healthy is good advice especially if your insurance sucks. I have, what I think is pretty average insurance coverage for most employee provided health insurance. I pay a small co-pay every time we visit the doctor and the insurance picks up the rest. That is, provided nothing is wrong with us and no special tests or procedures need to be done. Otherwise, some 'out of pocket' expenses are sure to be incurred.

When I was still in California, we had Kaiser Permanente California. Those were simpler days when all we had to pay was $10 to see the doctor and that's it. No out of pockets, no additional fees. But with the rising cost of everything and also with the expansion of our family, we are shelling out a big chunk of our budget not only for health insurance but also the additional charges incurred for services not covered by the insurance.

It's too bad that there is no Kaiser Health Insurance where we live now. They have a number of plans for family that fits individual situations. For instance, they have different co-payment plans and deductible plans that you can choose from depending on your financial situation. And if you'd rather get service out of the Kaiser Permanente network, they also have a PPO plan which allows you to go to an outside provider of your choice.

No matter how good the health plan is, the best solution is still to stay healthy and the best place to start is choosing wisely what you put in your body. Eat well, exercise!