Wonton Wrappers

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Wonton WrappersWhen I make Lumpia (Filipino Eggrolls), I usually use a brand labeled as spring roll wrappers from the Asian market. However, the last time I had to make egg rolls for my nieces baby shower, I was out of the brand that I usually keep a stock of in the freezer and i didn't feel like making a trek to the Asian market 12 miles away. Instead, I settled for these wrappers found in the grocery store. They were in the refrigerated section where the tofu were.

Anyway, after buying five packs of them, I get them home and realize that these are the thicker ones, the kind you would use for making wontons; and if you were making large wontons, these would be perfect. But for making the delicate egg rolls or lumpia, they would not do at all. What you would end up with is something similar to the egg rolls at fast food Chinese restaurants at most food courts.

I didn't have a choice but use these, so what I did is to cut the wrappers in half on the diagonal, put a mere tablespoon of lumpia filling in, and made small packets. Instead of using all of the wrap and ending up with thick sections to the lumpia, I decided to fan out the excess on the sides and top.
What I ended up with was an egg roll with a very crunch edge and was also decorative. I think everyone enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, we were running late again so I didn't have time to photograph the final product. Here it is on the table after we got to the party. The table got so crowded that I didn't get a good photo of these eggrolls there either!

The verdict: I would probably not use these again to make lumpia but the discovery of making these eggroll bows gives me an idea and I think I will make these again using a more appropriate filling to go with the wonton wrap. Something like an all meat filling I think will be good.

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