Things we think about on the porch...

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Late one night my husband and I were sitting on the front porch with our coffee when we noticed our neighbor across the street working on a car. My husband said, "now there's a mechanic!"; he was referring to the guy's big mag light and a smaller spotlight held in his mouth.

No matter for what purpose, recreation or profession, a good strong light is always imperative when working in the dark. Not only do these types of light have to work well, they also have to be made well. Now you can purchase professional grade explosion proof lights at affordable prices from These lighting units are OSHA compliant and have been tested to work under hazardous and extreme conditions.

Magnalight has been the top manufacturer for flashlights and other lighting units for years. While these particular types of explosion proof lights are commonly used in paint spray booths, mining areas, and refineries, you can also use them at home when doing work outdoors such as fixing cars or fixing the house. The lights can be plugged in directly to a power source, run on batteries or are rechargeable so you have many options to choose from, depending on your need.