La Brea Bread at the Grocery Store

Posted by JMom | Wednesday, October 22, 2008 | | 0 comments »

BreadOne of the things I miss most from living in Los Angeles is first the variety of food and then the fresh bread. I still do not understand why good bakeries are so rare here in Durham. There are one or two around, for sure, but nothing that compares to bakeries like La Brea Bakery. I lived off of La Brea Blvd. for years and it wasn't uncommon for me to pass by the bakery at least a couple of times a week. I always end up stopping to get a treat and another to take home. Well their bread is good that's what kept me going back but what got me to stop was the aroma of fresh baked bread. That's the thing I miss the most.

Why can't I smell the bread baking in Durham?

My consolation price is, at least our local Harris Teeter has been carrying La Bread bread for years now. They must get them frozen and cook them on site because we've chanced on them still warm from the oven, and we can't help but start tearing into them right there in the store. We have to sheepishly take the empty sack at the checkout counter to pay for what we devoured.

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