Freezing Zucchini

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What do you do when you have zucchini over running your garden? The easiest is to share. Gain some major brownie points with your neighbors by giving your bounty of zucchini away. What if your neighbors stop answering their doorbells and go the other way when you come down the street with a bagful of zucchini?

This, my friend, is the time to start putting them up for the winter. Cut them up, bag them in your desired portions (mine would be for five people) and freeze them. When I cut them up, I try to anticipate what I'm going to use them for. If I'm going to be sauteing them as a side dish, I cut them in segments about 1/8 inch thick. Some that I plan on using in stews and sauces (they're great in spaghetti sauce), I cut them up in 1/4 inch dice. I also cut some in larger pieces, 2 inch length sticks that I plan on making fried zucchinis later. When I freeze zucchini, I just cut them and freeze them. Some people blanch them first before freezing but I think this makes them too soggy so I don't. Try both ways and see which one you prefer.

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