Does Eating Carrots Really Prevent Glasses?

Posted by JMom | Thursday, October 02, 2008 | | 0 comments »

carrotsOur grandmothers always said, "eat your carrots and you'll never have to wear glasses". If you didn't follow that advice and are now in need of glasses, you're in luck.

Gone are the days of nerdy eyeglasses; most eyeglasses nowadays are very trendy and stylish and if you look hard enough, some people even wear them even if they don't have to. One of the leading places for eyeglasses is Zenni Optical where you can get fashionable and well made prescription glasses for the fraction of the cost of getting them from traditional optometrist shops. At Zenni Optical, you can get glasses as low as $8 a pair.

Zenni Optical has been featured in various news shows such as Fox and they've all vouched for the quality and price deals offered by Zenni. The latest personality to tout the virtues of Zenni Optical is The Clark Howard Show, a nationally syndicated consumer advocate program on the radio.

Zenni is definitely creating quite a following. Just look at the many testimonials from satisfied customers and realize that so many people saying the same things can't possibly be making it up, right?

Check out the newly arrived selection of glasses at Zenni and see if you aren't sold either. I for one, since I've cancelled the vision plan from my insurance at work, will be using Zenni Optical for my next prescription glasses. I was looking through their inventory and I think I'm partial to the pair below. How about you? Do you like the ones with colored frames, the thick ones, the skinny ones, the funky ones? Whichever one you choose, one thing is definitely guaranteed, you're getting a great deal!