Tips on Cooking Cheap Cuts of Steak

Posted by JMom | Friday, September 19, 2008 | , , | 1 comments »

SteaksLike me, you've probably been told to not salt your steaks before cooking as it dries them out. Well the Steamy Kitchen has done the research and experimentation and claims that you can turn a cheap steak into a primo steak by salting. Yes, salting!

I was intrigued enough to read the extensive post and I think it just may make sense. Read the post for yourself and let me know what you think. She even had diagrams to explain the science of why this makes sense. LOL! It sure made me hungry just looking at the photos.

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  1. OkiHwn // 9/21/2008 9:54 AM  

    I've tried it - it works!