Public Records Online

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My husband has been married before his marriage to me. Would you believe I had him prove to me that he was divorced before I agreed to marry him? He had to ask his sister to go to the courthouse and get a copy of his divorce papers and send it to us in California. Total, we had to wait for about a week. That was pre-internet days. Nowadays, you can get just about any type of public record online, for anyone, in any state. For instance you can get Ohio Marriage Records, California Divorce Records or North Carolina Death Records all in the same day without having to leave your front door. You can do everything online and have the information at your disposal within minutes. Don't you just love the internet?

For instance, there are sites like NationWideMarriageRecords.Org where you can search for marriage records online by simply entering a state, county, city or zip code to get the results you are looking for.