Lasik Technology

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LASIK technology has been around for a while but new advances and innovations are still being developed daily. One such innovation is the iLASIK™ Procedure which utilizes two lasers instead of one used in earlier methods. In the old method, the corneal flap was surgically lifted then a laser is used to correct vision. With the modern method, laser is used to perform both stages. The individual eye is first mapped out then a computer guided laser performs the lifting of the corneal flap after which the vision is again corrected.

The modern lasik procedure is so valuable to the U.S. Military and NASA that they have utilized this technology to improve the the vision of their specialized personnel who perform tasks in extreme and physically demanding conditions. For example, you can't very well have an astronaut going into space with glasses or contacts on could you? Just imagine the complications that would cause in outer space.

We all ultimately benefit from these innovations. More and more people are turning to lasik surgery freeing them from annual eye exams, lost glasses and uncomfortable contact lenses. Visit the iLasik website and find new and relevant LASIK information. If you've been apprehensive before about getting this procedure done, you may be surprised how far the technology has come.

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