Kitchen Plumbing

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, September 30, 2008 | , | 3 comments »

All cooks love their kitchen and when something goes wrong to keep us out of it, it's a major crisis. Believe me. I know. I had to stay out of our kitchen for a week earlier this year and it was hell! It was early January when our kitchen pipes decided to take a leak. Not some minor leakage mind you, it decided to simply give out and gush out. We had a heck of a time looking for a plumber that wouldn't charge an arm and a leg to fix it. After all, it was right after Christmas and we just spent all our money on gifts. Yeah, not smart, I know.

Anyway, we finally got our plumbing problems fixed thanks largely to my husband who has a huge network of friends in all professions and is also pretty handy himself. Knowing a good, reliable plumber is very important. If you are in Texas and are looking for a Dallas Plumber consider the Dallas Plumbing Company first. And as their website says, you should look for plumbers before you need them. I agree, when you're desperate and just want to get something fixed right then and there, you don't always make the most intelligent decisions. Just like looking for a doctor to fix your own body plumbing, don't wait until you're in the emergency room, look for a professional before you need them.


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