Time to Stock the Pantry

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, August 26, 2008 | | 0 comments »

It's cloudy and rainy today. They say the precipitation we're getting is residual from hurricane Fay which just drenched Florida. I am reminded that it's that time again to start stocking the pantry just in case of hurricanes. We've gotten so used to having fresh vegetables all summer long that our pantry has actually been a bit bare. Hardly any canned or packaged foods in there aside from the usual flour, sugar, salt and such. So time to stock up on some canned and ready to eat stuff in case we can't cook during a power outage.

Speaking of power outages, it's also time to stock up on candles and flashlights. Make sure you have enough batteries for flashlights. Don't get the flashlights from the dollar store, they will last about two minutes. Trust me. You really should invest in a good quality flashlight so that it will last a while, not just this season. Check out the surefire flashlights. They are the kind that are sturdy enough to last a long time and reliable enough to work when you really need them to. Most of the flashlights also come with batteries so you won't have to worry about buying them separately.