Not in My Neighborhood

Posted by JMom | Wednesday, August 27, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Our children are our most precious gifts and as parents we strive to give them the best and most memorable childhood we are capable of giving them. However, we know the world is neither perfect nor fair and there are always those who will seek to harm our children. We do our best to protect them from Sexual Predators and other unsavory parts of life. That too is the aim of Megan's Law which is a federal bill that requires the whereabouts of sexual predators. This law came about after Megan Kanka was brutally raped and murdered by a repeat sexual offender living in her own neighborhood. Had her parents know about that animal maybe they would have been better able to protect their daughter. Because of their unfortunate experience, the rest of us can now avail of the registered sexual offenders registry to find out if a sexual predator is in our neighborhoods.

Make yourself avail of this information; it may save your children.