The Frugal Gourmet?

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One of the the first cooking shows I watched when I first started getting interested in cooking was the Frugal Gourmet. You remember that show? I liked what he said about good food not having to be expensive. He actually said that some of the best food in the world are those commonly labeled as 'peasant'. I guess that idea has always stayed with me because to this day I still get a kick out of finding a good bargain and make it a game to cook great meals without having to break the bank. My most memorable accomplishment in this game is when I fed my family of 5 for $20 for a week! Of course, the way prices are nowadays, that feat will be hard to beat.

While food still takes a big chunk of our budget, it's not to the point that we'd be needing Debt relief anytime soon. It's hard to believe, but there are people who have gone into debt for their eating habits. And no, they didn't have to eat caviar or lobster or go into five star restaurants to do it, some just couldn't balance what they love to eat and what their pockets could realistically afford.

Well at least if you ever find yourself in a bind that is not of the saucy kind, Debt help is not too far away. Like the trusty whisk and chicken broth, Debt consolidation can 'unbind' you out of a tight situation.

Seriously though, if you ever need to find out what your true financial status is or if you ever need to Consolidate debt, make sure you check out for ideas. For instance, they have a short quiz you can take to assess how financially savvy you are and will give you suggestions to improve your IQ if you aren't quite up to the level you'd like to be.


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  1. watson // 7/30/2008 9:43 PM  

    Nicely written, JMom!