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Posted by JMom | Thursday, June 12, 2008 | | 1 comments »

ShopshieldI've finally started feeling more confident about shopping online just this past year. Although I've enjoyed the conveniences and entertainment provided by the internet for years, I too, like so many consumers, have been reluctant about having my credit card information floating somewhere in cyberspace. I listened to horror stories of identity theft and fraudulent charging and was deterred from having the same happen to me.

So credit card companies and banks have implemented some security measures to prevent fraud; and so have online stores and other internet merchants. There have also been an increase in independent companies who will offer extra security to ensure that your personal information stays just that way, personal.

Shop Shield® is one such company. They protect consumers' credit card numbers, bank account numbers, addresses (residential and email) and login information. Visit Shop Shield® to learn more about their services in detail. Their service is completely free and consumers will no longer have to worry about having their personal information hacked. With the service, users never enter these information into the databases of websites they are buying from. All these are filtered through Shop Shield®.

Learn More about how Shop Shield® does all this for you by visiting their website. You can glean the process they go through to de-identify your data so that it is not usable by anyone else but you. The best part is, even though they don't charge you for the service, if someone still manages to gain access to your accounts and cost you fraudulent charges, they will reimburse you up to $10,000 above and beyond the coverage your credit card company or bank provides. Now you can't beat a deal like that! Check them out and see for yourself if the claims are credible.

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  1. Anonymous // 6/20/2008 3:04 PM  

    I signed up for ShopShield and have already used it to make several online purchases- so far so good! I've bought cosmetics, coffee, books... even movie tickets and pizza delivered to my door. When I went to pick up my movie tickets, however, I realized I couldn't use the kiosk because I didn't have the 'card' I used to buy the tickets with me. No problem though, because I had my ticket purchase confirmation print out and the cashier was able to give me my tickets. One last thought, remember to put the correct SHIP TO address and name- NOT the anonymous billing address- when you check out online. As I learned the hard way when I forgot to do this and my stuff went to FL instead of to me.