Mexican Pizza

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Mexican Pizza

We love Mexican food at our house. We especially love making tacos and burritos because everyone gets to help preparing the meal, then they can customize their tacos or burritos to fit their exact taste.

Grande Pizza KitWe ran across this box of Ortega Grande Pizza Kit that was on sale at the market. It was such a huge mark down that even though we don't normally buy kits and prefer to make our own pizzas from scratch, we decided to try this one out.

Pizza KitIt came with all these flavor packets and a small box of tortilla disks. We soon realized why the kits were on sale. They were probably close to expiring as the tortillas were a bit hard and stale. No worries though, we had lots of tortillas in the fridge and all we did was fry up a new batch and we were good to go. The flavor packets were of spices for the ground beef which I ended up amending and some salsa in the other packets, which you bet we also added to. In essence, we pretty much ended up making our own fixin's. We just got the idea to make it from the kit. :)

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